Monday, December 28, 2009


A Service trip to Honduras during March Break.

Great times with friends at Freshwind 2009

Best 18th birthday present ever: A trip to see The Sound of Music. Earlier that day was a specialty breakfast at Glendon college, and an Il Fornello dinner with family.
A tea party birthday party with my best girls: Scones, tea, and elaborate hats.

An exciting year for my first album: The Heart - CD release concert on April 18th.


Dates with my favourite brother downtown. Favourite was dinner and poetry slam.
6 weeks spent in Trois-Pistoles Qu├ębec perfecting my french.

My first semester at Glendon College, with a full scholarship.

Other highlights of this year include Rumors production with the Upper Level Drama Class, different gigs in the Toronto area, leading worship at North York, Frosh Week at Glendon, and York U Gospel Choir on Tuesday nights.

Here's to 2009, here's to a new year, here's to seeing what God's going to do with it.



Kamela said...

I finally got to see what your prom dress looked like!

duuuuddeeee so cool!

Donna said...

LOVE IT!! can't wait to see what your 2010 is like

(kirstyn) said...

Thanks for the inspiration Donna! :)

Yea, Kam. That's it! Isn't it the sweetest thing you've ever seen!?!

janis said...

hi kirstyn! i'm sorry for not dropping by here sooner...i've been a lazy bad blogger.

anyways, that's so funny that you found me! thanks for stoppingby!

looks like you had a gooood year. of course, i imagine that trois-pistoles was the absolute best part...right??

hope you're doing well! take care!

ps. you released your cd on my birthday! you chose a great day!