Saturday, December 26, 2009


I spent this evening curled up on the couch beside the fireplace watching the first part of Anne of Green Gables The Sequel.

The one where Gilbert Blythe professes his love to her - finally after all this time. And I realized, that this is the first time I've watched Anne of Green Gables The Sequel, and realized how head over heals he is for her. I guess I've always been to young to notice. It felt like I was watching an entirely new movie.

But it's not only Gilbert Blythe that makes this one of the greatest stories - but it's Anne spirit and character. It's her interaction with Marilla, her adventures in Avonlea, her messups with Rachael Lynd, and her trials at the Pringle school.

This story is the one story that I wish could be real. I know that there are people who go and visit Prince Edward Island, only to see the house used in this beautiful novel. And I find myself sometimes forgetting that it is only that; a story based on a real place.
But wouldn't it be great if in that house, you would find a happy, slowly aging, married Gilbert and Anne?

All I know is that if Gilbert Blythe took the time to tell me that he'd wait for me, man, I'd fall head over heals for him too.


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