Friday, December 04, 2009

I don't know.

Yea. I don't know.
They say distance makes the heart grow fonder.
But is it just an illusion of heightened fondness?

Because sometimes it's easier during the moments before you find out what the real picture looks like.
Like right before you find out if you got a part in the school play. Or the moment before you find out if you aced the midterm or not.

Or I guess before you find out if he has an inkling of fondness towards you as well.

Maybe not knowing is better.
Maybe the illusion of fondness is better than the crashing reality of lack there of.

Maybe imagining having the lead, or acing the test is better than actually knowing.

Am I convincing you?
Yea didn't think so.
Haven't convinced myself either.
In then end, you still just want to know.



kathleen said...

Yea, I really think that in the end it's better knowing. May not be the response you want but at least you know.

(kirstyn) said...

Most of the time it seems to not be the response that you want.

But even then, it seems to still work out for the better anyways.

Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

"Only the truth is beauty,
after all"

(kirstyn) said...

Who said that?

Kamela said...

love that line... 'but is it just an illusion of heightened fondness?'

Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

As for who said that exact phrase, it's from a poem called "Divine Vision" I wrote in Grade 10 but of course it's adapted from the famous quote, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty" said by John Keats.

And while it doesn't apply so much to relationships (and the 'truth' of whether someone likes you or not), your post's questioning of happiness over real knowing reminds me also of Dostoevsky's quote: "If Jesus were found to be outside of the truth, I would choose Jesus." To him, there was a good even higher than objective "truth or facts".

I don't know how truth plays into my own happiness or that of the people around me, but I know that in the garden of Eden we chose to know good and evil, to see the truth, even at the cost of our lives. That is the human tendency.

kathleen said...

Yeah... it's often not the response you want. I agree. But I still think it's better knowing.

abpheonix said...

sry just to be a douche. the saying is "absence makes heart grow fonder"

(kirstyn) said...

Well.. so you're right. The saying is absence.

But who needs the proper saying anyway. Distance works better in this context.