Monday, June 29, 2009


I'm slowly getting very nervous for this up and coming Saturday.

It's hitting me that come Friday morning I'm going to make the 12 hour trip to Trois-Pistoles where I will enter into a world that speaks a language other than the one most comfortable to me. By Saturday afternoon I will have taken a French placement test, said goodbye to my lovely parents, and moved into a house with a family I don't know.

In a way, I'm extremely excited. In another, I'm scared silly.

But, I know I'm ready for it.
And I'm certain that I'm going to have a really amazing time.
But still.
Nothing's worth doing, if there isn't the thrill of a risk.
Life was meant for adventure.
So let's go. Vasy.


Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

Vas-y vraiment!
Je penserai à toi, bien sûr, de plus quand je lis les oeuvres français que je dois lire pour l'université.
Je t'écrirai. Ne pas oublie de poster tes informations à Facebook aussi.
Et "la sensation de peur, c'est la sensation d'excitation", n'est pas?

(kirstyn) said...

Tu dois déja lire les oeuvres français pour l'universite? Vraiment?
Je lis 'Les Filles du Caleb', un livre que Mme. Vanderkooy me prête. Juste pour le fun.

Oui, regardes sur Facebook pour l'adresse de Trois-Pistoles.