Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, that's it.

Diploma in hand.
I sang last night, in front of my entire graduating class, the staff at TD, and anyone who attended Commencement last night. Everyone else I know is being nostalgic, so I suppose I should spend some time sharing my thoughts about the night.

It's crazy to think that that was the last time I would sing as a student at TDCH. I've got so many performances under my belt. They all happened in the commons on Friday mornings, or at Talent Nights.

It felt good to stand in that line afterwards shaking a million hands and saying thank you. I feel like I've actually accomplished something incredibly significant. I've realized how much I'm going to miss some of the teachers, and a lot of my friends.

It doesn't feel like I've gotten any closure. But, how do you get any at an event like this? How do you just say goodbye to people you've spent the last four years of your life with. What if they're moving away, leaving the country, going to University. What if it's you that's leaving?
And you hope that somehow you'll be able to stay in touch.

Can I be honest? I think it's really sloppy when people wear jeans and flip flops, or in some cases, barefeet, to go and shake hands with the principal and receive your Diploma. I wish there was a rule about that. Anyways, I looked classy at least. With my high heel purple prom shoes.

Anyways. That's it. I'll go back and visit.
I leave for Quebec in a week. AHHH!


Jonathan said...

hey, I was one of those flip flop people. :P I'm not sure if I had jeans on though...
I actually really like the fact that grad felt a bit more relaxed because of that.
wearing dress shoes makes me nervous.

Paul Sham said...

Congratulations on graduation.

Speaking from experience (wow, I sound old) regarding friends from high school, try your best to stay in touch. You'll have the Internet to help, but the Internet won't be your friendship.

A friend (who I've been friends with since elementary school) once told me that it's impossible to keep in touch with everyone (as much as I want to), but to hold on and cherish the few friends I do stay in touch with.

And as my elementary and high school principal would say, "It's never goodbye, but always until we meet again."

I hope that helps you with the whole friendship thing. It's tough, but friends will surprise you.


(kirstyn) said...

Well, I figure since every other day at school is relaxed... with flip flops and jeans... then people can dress up for one evening.

I think it looks really silly to have flip flops poking out of those black robe things..

but I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree lol :)