Monday, February 18, 2008

A building rather than a people, a body

When we're capable of such pride.
When we have the gall to say
that our reason for not furthering our relationship with Christ
is simply because
we didn't feel like it.
Is simply because
we couldn't find a church that fit our 'needs'.
Is simply because
we didn't like the way they worshiped.

Then we've missed the point.
And we've been doing things wrong this whole time.

Because it's no longer about Jesus.
It's about us.
How we feel.
What we want.

And then we become segregated into different denominations
that are skeptical about each other's beliefs.

And then that stereotypical 'hypocrite' name for Christians
actually has ground to stand on.

Man, are we judgmental.
Man, do we have a lot of self-righteous pride.
Man, are we doing church wrong.


1 comment:

--kathleen... said...

i noticed that...
that church has become a lot about how WE feel...
"that sermon didn't make me FEEl anything" "church didn't make me FEEL anything this morning." etc. it's like we need to feel something to make our relationship with Christ meaningful. which isn't true.

we had a sermon on this a little while ago... about church meeting our needs. i wish i took notes. and it said something like that if we feel our church isn't meeting our needs... that maybe we need to find a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. ack. i can't remember exactly. now that is BAD. i really should get in the habit of writing notes again.