Monday, February 11, 2008

Yours truely.

I am ecstatic. I am tired. And for once, smelling like chlorine is a relief.
Let me explain.

I just passed my in water screening for my future lifeguarding/instructing position at my local community pool. It's been a long time coming and a whole ton of hard work. I am so excited about finally being paid for it!

"The Brick" used to be two of the most intimidating words I had ever heard in my life. Until today, when I actually was successful in lifting that 20 pound brick off the bottom of a 4 meter deep pool and placing it on the pool deck. I'm fine with spinals, and pea-carries, submerged victim, and CPR but man, that brick... It has not been my best friend.

I think that when the mind has had time to stew over something that is a challenge (in my case 4 months of time) it becomes a lot more scary, intimidating, and difficult than you ever thought possible. Until you face the reality of it again and realize, this is something I can actually do! That's my relationship with 'The Brick'. Because lifting that weight was really much easier after all was said and done.

But this job finally seems attainable. All of the courses are finished. All of the work; done. The screening went well... and hopefully, I'll have an interview on Thursday.

Anyways, that's what is up in my life right now.
Kirstyn Krause; certified National Lifeguard

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--kathleen... said...

i wish i was a certified lifeguard. but i never took the time to become one.

and the brick! haha, we use that in synchro too... we eggbeater with it and such. i'm not sure how i would be with placing it on the pool deck though. i kinda wanna try just to see if i can do it.

but congrats kirstyn. that's awesome.

(i think i still smell like chlorine from last night. bleh.)