Monday, February 04, 2008

Let's play 'Would you rather'

It's hard to live under obligation. I find a lot of times that being obligated to do something, or be someone is really not a good thing. When I think of the word obligation I associate it with a negative connotation. When people are obligated they generally don't have much heart behind it. It comes down to the fact that they have to do it, instead of wanting to do it.

Sometimes I get stuck when I feel obligated towards someone that I look up to. I know that they want or expect something from me that I simply cannot deliver.

I have to remind myself daily not to live under the burden of obligation. I've done so many things out of obligation. Things that at first I thought were things that I needed to do; things that God had called me to do.

But God is not a God of obligation. He's a God of love; a God that gives us strength and a God that is able to change our hearts. When we feel obligated to do something our heart is generally not in the right place, and the fruits of the spirit are generally not being exhibited. But God is able to change our hearts. To change obligation into something completely different. Something that builds us up, and builds other people up.

Under obligation is a horrible place to be. And sometimes we have to think less about the expectations that people have for us, and concentrate more on God and his plans for us.


Kamela said...

ooohh man. I love this.. It's so true, God doesn't want us to feel we have to do something for him. He wants us to want to do things for him. cause thats real love.

ps, is this what they preached at ny?

(kirstyn) said...

Nope. Just some stuff going through my head lately.