Monday, April 05, 2010


Last year on this day I was invited to Glendon for the Spring Gala and for the Scholar's breakfast. I sat at a table with the dean of Glendon college and ate breakfast with him and a room full of other potential Glendon students.

I was taken on a tour of the school and I remember how much I anticipated going to Glendon.

I remember what also accompanied the day: My 18th birthday, dinner with the family, The Sound of Music downtown, getting accepted to Explore.

I can't believe how quickly the year has passed. Here I am again. On my birthday. I spent several hours studying for my psych exam. I had lunch with the pops at Panara. My mom bought me tulips. I got many birthday wishes. Got to blow out birthday candles. Not to mention that the weather was gorgeous! I don't think I've ever had weather like this before for my birthday.

And as soon as I finish my exam on Wednesday and hand in my paper, I'll be ushering in a weekend full of partying, shopping, and celebrating.

I'm really looking forward to the summer, for many diverse reasons.


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Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

Glad to hear those many birthday wishes came true :P