Sunday, April 26, 2009

Question everything?

Is there such a thing as spending too much time at church?
Ahhh.. did Kirstyn just say that? Blasphemous!
But seriously, I'm wondering.
I love church.
I love going.
But we might as well question everything we do.
Because if we don't even know what the purpose is...
then what's the point?

This is not a bash against church. Church is awesome. It's a beautiful thing that brings community together and helps people grow and learn.
But I'm just kind of wondering.
What happens when it starts to seem stale, which it will.
What happens when we've heard this message before.
When we've learned this "preach" already.
Does it need to have further application to our lives?
I'd think definitely.

"All these voices drowning out the only one I want to hear."
By: Kirstyn Krause


kathleen said...

i think yes... but only because i think that part of the gospel message is to reach out beyond just your own church community into the world. sooo if you're just caught up in always spending time with fellow christians, as strengthening as that is to your relationship to God, then you're neglecting others who could also benefit.

just a side note.... i agree church is a wonderful community when done right :).

Kamela said...

i spend too much time at church. (it's because i work at one)