Friday, April 03, 2009

18. Not quite. Almost.

It's late.
It says 11:20 pm on my computer clock.
That's late for me.
But I'm listening to Catherine Feeny.
She sweetly sings her folk music and I just don't want to turn it off.
I don't want to get up and get ready for bed.
I spent so much time doing things I don't necessarily want to do today that I'm trying to just do nothing right now. If that makes any sense at all.

I'm going to be 18 in two days.
April 5th has a certain ring to it I think.
When my birthday approaches every year, my mom has a special way of getting me excited.
She teases me by saying "Someone's going to have a good birthday!"
I like it.
It's just one of those things that makes every birthday special.
Because isn't the build-up to something generally more epic than the thing itself.
Anyways, my whole fam is going downtown on Sunday to eat at a fancy restaurant and enjoy the town. It's my day.

I want to loosen up a bit.
Let love come and go as it wishes.
I'm almost 18.
My heart is still hidden. It's still being guarded. It's still cherished
But maybe I'll stick my hand out of the moving car and let it ride the wind.
Yea. That sounds good.



Jonathan said...

I just caught up on your comings and goings.
glad to see that honduras was a good experience.
and I guess today would be the big 18 eh? happy birthday
i'm looking forward to the 18th

Jonathan said...

oops, i guess i'm a day late.
i'm quite the mathematician.

(kirstyn) said...

yay. are you coming on the 18th then? I'm excited.

Thanks for the "Happy Birthday" :)