Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is it right to spy on a kiss?

Cold Lemonade in a plastic cup. A ginger cookie with sugar sprinkled on top. Cobblestone buildings and brick roads. The aroma of character. The diversity of people capturing moments with their Canon camera. A dove strutting around the coffee tables outside in the sun. My arm feeling hot against its rays. Couples, in love. Holding hands... Kissing...right outside the authentic coffee shop... ugh...PDA so not cool.

A bride to be. A party being planned. An organized wedding planner that happens to be related to me. Art set up in white tents. Expensive art. A girl artist in a long flowy skirt, it's ripped and looks old. A 15 year old boy having coffee with his dad. Summer dresses. Every kind, not every one is flattering. Most are. Younger women with older dates. High heels on pavement. Melting gelato with miny spoons. Dogs drinking water out of dog dishes. Bike riders carrying helmets. Busy. The most beautiful earrings I've ever seen. A store dedicated to chocolate. A salad dish my mom wants for her birthday. Egyptian sandals, big sunglasses. Shoe sculpture, and colourful mural. People eating in expensive restaurants, and drinking alcohol.

Real life is interesting.
I went to the Distillery district today, because my other plans got cancelled.

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Ben said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!!!

I've wanted to do that so bad, just go to a coffee joint, and sit there with my book and write about the people that I see...