Monday, October 08, 2007

My mind is swimming with thoughts right now that I shall try and write down:

It's too late to talk to you because you live halfway across the universe.
Hating to love someone?
I had my sights set on that school this morning, but now I can't find St. George!
"I know almost for certain that Margot would never kiss anyone unless she was engaged to them"
You need to chill out.
I've had that meal three times in one weekend and its still just as yummy as the first time I had it.
The last day of warm weather?
I can wait until Friday.
How come its so easy to forget? So easy to be selfish with what I have?

That makes no sense whatsoever. But I don't care.

Please come and calm my thoughts. Give me clarity, peace, and wisdom. Ah! I need you so badly. Don't forget about me. Answer the desires of my heart, and make me more like you today.

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