Monday, May 21, 2007

This is a cool song.

The Weather matches my mood today
It's raining and the clouds are grey
And I'm not any closer to understanding you

It was nice on the day we met
The sun shone and I had bet
That something nice would come out of you

And I was right, but only for a while
I was wrong to expect more from you than a smile

So, Don't flatter me if you don't care
Cuz It won't matter next week when you're no longer there
I don't read between the lines anymore
Cuz i've messed that up several times before
So If you don't care, then don't flatter me

Don't you know you're playing with my heartstrings
Don't you know I'm fragile right now
Don't you know I'd rather you be real with me
So, just don't flatter me.


--kathleen... said...

wow i love the lyrics of this song. who's it by?

(kirstyn) said...


--kathleen... said...

i thought so. i didn't want to say something just in case it wasn't. i really like it. have you put music to it?

(kirstyn) said...

yea. I write the music and words at the same time all the time pretty much. Thanks :)