Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Small Things

Sometimes it's the small things that just get you down:

A sarcastic joke,
A song you've listened to too many times,
A mean comment,
Uncomfortable, yet equally beautiful shoes,
Lack of being outside,
Zero plans for the weekend,
No chocolate,
Annoying assignements
A friend who's away

Sometimes it's the small things that make you excited:

The blue sky,
A comment on blogger,
A letter in the mail,
A raisin biscuit from Tim Horton's,
A smile from a cute boy,
A cool passage of scripture,
Working with 'Paint'
A good book
American Idol

Sometimes it's the small things that make you happy:

Nail polish,
Talking with friends,
A simple compliment,
Warm weather,
Taking pictures,
A hug,
Gummy bears,
Flip flops,

I guess today just had a little bit of all of those mixed into one.


your secret admirer said...

i love lists like these! they make me happy! well not the sad one... but the other ones!

hillschurch said...

I like the webdings that forced me to copy and paste and change fonts. However "bisquit" should be "biscuit" and Tim Hortens should be Tim Horton's. Keep blogging!