Sunday, September 12, 2010

Exploring at the Uxbridge Fair

I spent the good part of my afternoon at the Uxbridge fair yesterday. I was actually there to support my good friend in his first ever demolition derby. If you've read my previous post, you will now know that yesterday's derby was my second in the span of two weeks and subsequently my entire life.

Now, you need to know that the Demolition Derby in uxbridge is serious stuff. People show up hours in advance to save spots by attaching their blankets to the benches and bleachers with duct tape. Therefore, wanting good seats, my friends and I showed up several hours early, which gave us some time to spare.

I ended up walking around the fair grounds with my friend Nina and 2 adorable 4 year old twin brothers (the sons of another couple we knew at the fair). And so we explored together, hand in hand. We walked over to the dunk tank and threw some hard balls at that little red dot that, when pushed, gets a shivering man wet all over again. :) We strolled past the carnival rides and Aden explained to me how one of the rides (which looked exactly like a spider) scared him because it went too high. Our adventure continued by staring longingly at the multi-coloured lollipops at the concession stand and poking our noses into the cages at the petting zoo.

The hour or so that we spent together was so enjoyable simply because it helped me see the fair through the eyes of a little child again. To remember what its like to be little. To forget about life for a while and just enjoy the sights and sounds around us.

All pictures taken by my brother Jared, who followed us around in our wonderful adventure. Check out his photos on flickr!

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