Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Demolition Derby

I spent my Sunday afternoon with some good friends painting a derby car for an upcoming demolition car derby this Saturday evening. Don't worry, it is not me that will be participating in this so called 'car fight', but rather a good friend of mine. (I'm slightly concerned for his health and safety) ;)

I say this in the best possible way, but I don't think we could have been more 'hick' if we tried to be. There I am, out in the middle of Uxbridge, dressed in an old t-shirt, shorts, and leggings slopping paint onto a transformed derby car. That evening, after the car had been turned into an art masterpiece, my friends and I made our way to my first demolition derby at the nearby fair in Parry Sound. Of course. We settled in on the bleachers; junkfood in hand and ferris wheel turning behind us, to watch dozens of men (young and old) climb into souped-up cars ready to smash the guts out of eachother. Wheels torn off, billows of smoke rose from broken radiators, the back-end of vehicles smashed up like a pop cans ready to be thrown out, mud flying everywhere, and a full audience watching in anticipation of the winner.

And in fact, I found the entire experience incredibly educational. I really know absolutely nothing about cars, but just from going to that derby and hearing the words I feel a whole lot smarter. Piston, 6 cylinder, radiator, front wheel drive. Look how much I know now! I learned a whole lot more about cars last Sunday that I have ever before, that's for sure (Which really doesn't say a lot.. but still)

I fully enjoyed myself. It was peaceful out in the country, painting a friend's car. The companionship, the laughs, the steady work, the "hick"-ness of it all made for a really rewarding day. We all need a little bit of that in our lives. It reminded me a bit of my summer in Quebec. A lot of things remind me of my summer in Qu├ębec. But that of course is another story.

I'm really looking forward to Saturday.

Photo Credit: Jared Krause - Check out his sweet photo blog!!


Alex Ackerman said...

Thanks for this! I'm from Idaho and we're all a bunch of rednecks who have demolition derby ever year as well. We take it a step further and throw in pig wrestling as well (yeah, it's a classy place.)

Just reminded me of home and I loved it! Thanks again.

(kirstyn) said...

Hey! No problem. I had an absolute blast. Never knew derbys could be so much fun. Now pig wrestling... that could get messy :)