Thursday, January 14, 2010


I always knew there would be concepts and ideas that I'd come across in my study of psychology that would contradict what I believe. I came across that this week in my lecture hall.

I'm taking up piano again - Gr. 9, I'm not working towards finishing it, or taking the exam. I just got the book and am learning some songs in it when I find the time.

I spend my Thursdays in my room doing homework. All day.

Sometimes I fell like I go and go and go and go and don't have time to just stop and take a day off.

There are so many things that I want to do, and I don't have time to do all of them. I hate that.

But I still feel like I'm pursuing something worthwhile - that I'm following my dreams. So, overall I'm good. Tired. But good.



Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

Thursdays are similar for me, though more relaxed. I have two courses that turned out to be much, much easier than I expected. (One of the year-long courses was even, to the dismay of the students, knocked down to 0.5 credit -- ridiculous!) But I digress. Actually, some Thursday we should do something, be it communicate or whatever. Though I guess not if you have lots of homework.

Learning always finds a way to contradict what we believe, I think. But we also have to examine our beliefs and see what's actually entailed by them, and what's just our own assumption.

By the by, have you read (either version of) Shelley's Frankenstein? Two lines from your post seem uncannily familiar.

(kirstyn) said...

nope. haven't read it actually.