Saturday, January 23, 2010

All by myself.

Lonely. It's defined as being without company, not frequented by human beings, sad from being alone.

And, while on the surface that definition may seem to be correct, I don't know if I fully agree.

Because I've been with great groups of people before, and still felt this so called feeling of being alone. I've also been by myself for long periods of time and felt completely comfortable. So what is it really? Because I know we've all felt it at one point in time. Is it really about being by yourself? Being without friends? Without companionship?

For me, lonely is more than being without company.

Lonely is missing someone you care about a lot. And It may not even be that that someone is geographically far away from you. It may just be that they've changed, or you've changed, and you're missing what used to be.

Lonely is needing a hug, or someone to talk to.

It's realizing that everyone is pursing a different dream, living a different life - moving down a path that is in the opposite direction of your path.

Lonely is the transitional period that comes with change.

And sometimes lonely can show up even when you're in a room full of people.

For me, lonely has nothing at all to do with the actual state of being alone. It's more about missing the ones that you love, and hoping that they too, are missing you.



Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

I agree; sometimes at a party or group of friends, one person can be missing and somehow you find yourself thinking more about that one than those who /are/ here.

Every day in university there are many people who talk with me but I am still lonely.

However, the longer I wait, the more people I miss and am lonely for. As if my subconscious is saying, "Okay, okay, maybe you don't have to have the caviar and truffles of friendship--just have SOMETHING so you don't starve!"

I wonder if it was like this for people in the distant past as well.

abpheonix said...

lonely is not being with people you are excited to see, and are excited to see you.??