Thursday, May 07, 2009

I'm still tired.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Boston with my entire family.
We will be getting into the car at 5am tomorrow morning and making the long 10 hour trip down to Gordon Cornwell to see my daddy graduate. Yay!
I'm pretty excited. Even though being crammed in a car with my family members is not always the most amazing thing. It'll be alright. I have my new Macbook which plays movies... yea!

I'm pretty frustrated with my Vectors course right now. I keep asking myself why I'm in that class. I don't need the credit to graduate. It won't even be in my top 6 marks. There is actually no point for me to be there. Yet, here I am, doing hours of homework every night. 21 more days of class and homework, and then the exam and I'll be finished.
I suppose you could say that it will build character. Or teach me how to learn. Or be independent or something.
But right now it's just a pain in the rear-end.


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sarah said...

it sounds a bit like torture to me