Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guess what I'm doing??!!!

Studying for math. Again.

I have a vectors test tomorrow, and so far I've probably spent close to 4 hours studying for the test (that of course is split up over 2 days).

I decided to take a break from my textbook and lead pencils and take some time to tell you the perils of my math-filled life.

If I knew that this course would be so completely time consuming I never would have signed up for it. But since I can't see into the future, I of course didn't know that.

All I know, is that this course is definitely teaching me stuff about work ethic, and independent learning, and all that good stuff.

I feel like I'm slowly entering into the sentimental stage of being a Gr. 12 graduating in just over a month. All of the sudden I'm getting extremely nostalgic.

But I don't have time to explain my feelings.... because ..... THERE'S MAAATHHHH TO DO!!!! (smiles sarcastically) - Story of my life.

If I tell you that I'm taking a math course next year in University out of my own free will, I give you the liberty to smack me on the upside of the head.

Math is my life. At least for the next 18 days (not including weekends... or the exam) oh well. Yes.... I'm counting.


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