Thursday, January 29, 2009

My heart's not a trophy

New song ideas are cool.
I'm actually writing a lot these days.
I've got three songs in the works.

It seems that God's still giving me stuff about 'The Heart'
Which is also the title of my debut album.

I think I love poetry.
But I simply love it more when it's put to music.

(BTW. The concert is on Saturday April 18th at 7pm in the Commons at TDCH)


I like 2nd period spare. It feels like I'm being wonderfully rebellious. Having a spare. Which must sound strange.
Yesterday I felt like I should be in class. Doing something.
Only to remember that for 80 min every day I am accountable to no body but myself.
It's great.
Mind you, I'll probably spend 95% of my semester doing Calculus homework in spare.
It's still lovely.


But seriously, come to the concert.
I'll start officially advertising at the end of February/beginning of March


1 comment:

Jonathan said...

planning on being there kirstyn.
looking forward to the 'debut'.