Saturday, January 03, 2009

Flirting is selfish

It accomplishes nothing except for a fleeting time of attention.
It thinks only of oneself.
It communicates:

I want attention
I want to see if I can get a reaction out of this person.

It does not communicate clear intentions, and it has the ability to steal a portion of someone else's emotions and heart without commitment to that person

And man, I am a culprit of this.
Time and time again.

But I think it's time I revealed flirting for what it is.

This world has named it as something innocent, insignificant, and fun.
But it's a tool that takes someone's God-given influence and uses it for destruction.

I cherish my heart. I realize that one day I will give it to the man that I marry.
If I value my heart, then I really need to value the hearts of my guy friends.

Women are powerful. They have the ability to build a man up in Godly friendship, and they have the ability to tear one down with flirting and false impressions.

I really want to live a life of purity. And purity is not the "churchy" definition of abstinence.
No, it is a divine commitment to God and to the men in your life to live a life of righteousness, and holiness.

I don't EVER want to be the culprit of stealing a man's heart.
A heart is a gift.

Flirting a little bit to have some fun, without taking my guy friends feelings into account, and without any intention of following through is selfish and misleading.

And I think it creates soul relationships from temporary feelings instead of spirit relationships developed from the blessing of God.

And anything created by the soul won't last, but that which is formed from the spirit of God will last a lifetime.

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Donna said...

wow, second last paragraph nicely put