Monday, June 09, 2008


I think I'm not blogging as much lately because this ugly blue background on my blog does NOT leave much scope for the imagination. I have been trying to convince my brother to find the time to redo it for me, but as of yet he has not found the time.

I'm finding that 17 is a really awkward year. It feels like I'm neither here nor there in anything. Somehow in school it feels as though you're at the top. There is this fake imaginary crown that the Gr. 11's and 12's wear and you feel like you're finally getting somewhere important in life. Grades start counting, you start working towards getting your license, you get a job, you look into universities.

But really it's all relative, because as soon as you go out to your job or out to your young people's church, or out anywhere you realize you're still at the bottom working your way up. Here I am the 17 year old still in school in June when the university students got out in April. Here I am the 17 year old who still can't find the time to get my G2.

Yet somehow, if I had the chance, I wouldn't skip ahead. As awkward as it seems sometimes, life is good.

This post seems incredibly juvenile and I really just want to save it as a draft, but I won't.

Here's the deal.
If I were to skip ahead now, I'd miss out on so many promises and things that God has this year of being 17.

K -

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