Sunday, April 29, 2007


Time. Time goes past so quickly. It amazes me that I'm 16. That this summer I'll be going to Europe for the first time. That next year I'll be a junior, that soon I'll be getting my lisence. It seems like yesterday when I was watching the fireworks on New Years Eve in Florida with my family. We were was amazed back then that it was 2007, and now it's practically the fifth month of this year. Time. It goes past so quickly.

I guess I've learned that I need to live in the now. That I can't regret when something good ends, or I can't waste my days waiting for something else to come along. But, instead I have to live today. Thanking Jesus that he's given it to me.

But being 16 makes me excited for my future. I have an understanding of what I might become, of where I might go to University, of the promises that God has made in my life. Because even as I write, I know that he is slowly fufulling those promises.

And although I look forward to things that I want to accomplish and do later in my life, I know that I need to live now and do what I can now in order to get to that place later. There's always something to look forward to, but the thing is, if you get too excited looking forward to something you miss out on the little blessings God gives you every day.

I've had several amazing things this April that I had looked forward to all year long: Freshwind, Battlecry, Celebrating my birthday etc. But now April is practically finished and all of those things are over and done with. But you know what? I'm still content. I had an amazing month, but I'm ready to face May. To live in the moment. Bring it on :)

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hillschurch said...

Bring it on indeed! I realize I need to check your blog more often - some good stuff here!