Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Letting my mind wander...

So, I'm hoping that my fingers will be able to keep up.

Music has this way of explaining exactly how you're feeling at a specific moment in time.

Feeling on Top of the World.

World:big, Big:room, Room:ballroom, Ballroom:dance

I need to dance more often. I've figured that dancing is even better when you don't know how to dance,

Dance:exercise, Exercise:warm, Warm:hot, Hot:summer, Summer:love

I love summer dresses that blow in the wind.

Wind:holy spirit, Holy spirit:God, God:Communication

Prayer is just communication with God, and it works, did you know that?

ow:knowledge, knowledge:vocabulary, Vocabulary:words

Words can be reshersed in your head a million times over, but when you actually say them out loud it comes out completely different.

Different, I wonder if people see me as different...

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hillschurch said...

I like this one too!
Love D