Thursday, February 01, 2007

So, I suppose I should post again. Considering I haven't posted in a while... but I've been busy you see. I joined this christian forum.. and it's just been so interesting. So my apologies on slacking off on my blogging "responsibilities"

So new semester.. so far it's good.. What do you guys think so far?


John said...

i think it's pretty cool. i actually have four classes again, and they're straight forward, homework classes for the most part, instead of push your brain get creative classes.

(kirstyn) said...

i think i'm pretty much more into.. push your brain- get creative classes more..
i love drama, english... can't get more creative than those ..

your secret admirer said...

gonna be busy but i'm really liking my classes so far so that is good :).

your secret admirer said...

oh yes. once you've been in block it feels so good to have structure again.