Sunday, February 25, 2007

City of Angels

I watched a movie called "City of Angels" today. It starred Nicholas Cage, and Meg Ryan.

Anyways it was about this Angel falling in love with this lady Doctor. She didn't know at first that he was an angel. And in the end he when she's figured out that he was one, he gives up his "angelness" to become human so that he can "love her" I suppose.
The movie itself was kind of lame.

But it got me thinking about the angels around us. The ones that God promises to watch over us. I know that every night I pray, "Surround me with your angels, cover me with your blood". Sometimes I just wonder how many are around me at one time. How many God has given me to watch over me.

And just those coincidental times in life where it couldn't have been anything but God, and you know it. How many angels were protecting me at that moment in time.

I don't know. It's just cool to think about. What a lovely thing. Angels...

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