Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stay Sane, Have a Brain Break.

Even I, with my on-task, organized, plan-ahead, cannot procrastinate personality, have a hard time staying sane during exam time.
I feel like a broken record that keeps on repeating the same part over and over again. Probably because all I've been doing since last Wednesday is study every day.
I always create a goal for the day. How much material I'd like to study for the day. Generally when I finish that goal, even if its early, I call it quits.

But, my brain is starting to shut off earlier in the day now. Come 5:30pm, I'm done. No more concentration.
My days are filled with endless study. My evenings are filled with doing absolutely nothing.

I have an exam tomorrow morning at 9am, and then one final exam on Thursday.
Come Thursday afternoon, I will be on a bus to Montréal. (For the weekend, don't worry I'm coming back)


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