Saturday, April 23, 2011

Here we are.

It amazes me how quickly I'm able to leave behind the hecticness of university and enter into summer holidays. As if it never happened. And I end up talking about it as if I'm some expert who knows all the ins and outs of the course and could tell you the best advice on how to pass it. I forget my previous woes and am thrust, yet again, into a new massive transition. Summer.

The life of a university student, as I am discovering, is one of constant flux. Nothing stays the same for long. Things are always changing. I go through two semesters in study mode. Then I have two months here in Toronto with too much free time on my hands. Then I go back to Quebec. Then I come back to school. Then I go to France. Then I come back home. It's a constant cycle of change. A whirlwind that is sweeping you forward in a (not always) clear direction. It's hard to put down roots. To establish yourself. You just need to keep moving. Because time doesn't stop to wait for you to catch your breath.

In a way, it's a little bit intimidating to have 4 months stretching out before me. How am I going to fill up that many days? I feel the need to accomplish something significant; to make use of my time. I've just been handed a pile of free time. More than I need for sure. It's easy to slip into a unproductive rut where I end up doing nothing day in and day out. It's the opposite extreme of studying. So, I try to find a happy medium.

I'm currently out of work. I still have my shift at the pool each week. But all my other job opportunities have sort of fell through.

What am I going to do with this free time you ask? (Or what would I like to do ...)

1. Read my bible. Seek the Lord.
2. Try and get some replacement shifts at the pool.
3. Take a 5 week summer course.
4. Prepare for my international exchange
5. Get together with my friends.
6. Play piano
7. Learn to cook
8. Find a way to continue improving my french
9. Possibly volunteer somewhere
10. Try and embrace the whirlwind of change 

We'll see.

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