Friday, February 04, 2011

Nice or Geneva - Which one shall it be?

As many of you already know, I've spent this last fall semester applying for the international exchange program at Glendon, and hope to be studying abroad in January for the second semester of my third year of University.

Today I had my interview at Glendon, which was completely in French (yes, be proud). They asked me about my experiences in Germany, as well as in Quebec. They asked my why I had chosen Nice, France as my first choice. They asked my why I had chosen only one semester instead of a whole year. And I, quite successfully might I add, answered them in my little québécois accent.
They asked me if I would mind going to Geneva if they couldn't place me at my first choice university, and of course I said no. They're both fabulous cities. I just want to go abroad and learn French.

They have several more interviews to do, but they told me they would contact me in a few weeks about the results, and what university I will be studying at.

AHHHHHH! Excitement level has just risen about a million percent.
So, for your reader enjoyment, I will post two pictures (one of Nice, and one of Geneva) - one of which I will be at, God willing, next January!
 Nice, France
Geneva, Switzerland

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