Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interesting Day

Wake up 3 minutes before alarm goes off
Watch Top Pyramid while on the tread mill - exercising my body and my mind haha
Nutella for breakfast, yum...
Study for L'apprentissage
Gospel Choir solo
Girls come to pick me up
Adele 21 in the car
Lunch at Makimono with the girls - chicken fried rice, dumplings, spring roles, green tea, sushi, avocado, waaaay too much avocado, vanilla ice cream. YUM
Visit to the old high school
Talk with old teachers - tell them I'm going to France. Appreciate TD just as much as I always did.
More Adele 21 in the car
Trip to walmart
Burt's bees, lipstick, nail polish the colour of "gangreen" - really mint sorbet, but w/e
Wedding magazines
More laughter.
Arrive at home
Open my textbook only to decide to take the rest of the day off
30 Vies - strange French show on T.V. - again exercising my mind
Get the urge to see The Wedding Planner
Frustrating trip to Blockbuster where they don't let me rent a video because I'm not a "partner" on my mother's card.
Return home.
Work on d├ębat for French class. (Even when I decide to take the night off, I always end up doing something school-related)
Wait for mother to get home.
Take her blockbuster card. Go back to blockbuster. They STILL won't let me rent the movie I want to see.
Mother works a little magic on the phone.
Go against the rules and rent The Wedding Planner. Thank you mother :)
Watch it.
Paint my nails the colour of gangreen - or mint sorbet - take your pick
Cry, smile, laugh. Love the movie JUST as much as I did the first million times.
Come upstairs and get ridiculed by my family for the colour of my nails (In a loving way though)
Fur Elise on the piano. Feels good to play the piano.
Time for bed.


Michelle said...

You're awesome. Loved reading this. I should have nutella much more sounds does The Wedding Planner.

Kayla said...

It's a very cute gangrene colour... LOL...