Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello? Anyone there?

I'm starting back at square one.
Like a timid freshman back in high school.

It took me two years in high school to find some really great friends.
And I'm thinking, is it gonna take that long again?

I really miss my friends.
Sometimes I feel like I just don't fit in at all.



sarah said...

i miss you too!
but look on the bright side.. at least you're meeting new people! i just spent the whole day polyfilla-ing inside a closet.
and im sure you'll get there soon enough :)

Ben said...

you"ll always have us, your stuck with us

Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

I made a couple of friends last week and all I can do is think about the ones I used to see daily. How I miss that lunch table instead of this one. But perhaps it will all get better in time. There are good seeds being sown on all fronts.