Wednesday, September 09, 2009

University Student

If you take a look at my 'About Me' section. You'll see one thing that has changed. I went from being a High School student to one in University.

I had my first official day of University today. Two, three hour classes from 9-3pm. Not that bad considering my first class let out 45 minutes early, and my second 2 hours early.

My courses?

French - Grammar
French - Oral and Phonetics
Communication, Health, and Environment
Intro to Psych
Thinking and Writing Critically
Gospel Choir

Being on a campus like Glendon, regardless of the fact that I'm living at home, makes me feel inspired. Maybe I'm speaking to fast, and need to wait until the dead of winter when I'm up to my eyebrows in readings, tests, and papers. But, it's a change. And I think that overall it's going to be a positive one.

I've probably been sounding a little bit like a broken record these days in my posts, but give the girl a break, she just started UNIVERSITY!

First day of classes - survived.
Thank you very much.
First week of classes - finished... (considering I only have classes Monday through Wednesday and today is Wednesday and classes started today)

My 4 day weekend is looking ever so lovely.
Tomorrow is the ugly task of spending oodles of money on textbooks that I'll probably never use after this year. Oh the joys.



Ben said...

hooray for useless textbooks!!

learningfromHim said...

sounds like a blast
especially Gospel Choir