Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Here I am!!

Here I am in Deutschland! I'm quite tired though because I missed a night of sleep with the 6 hour time difference over here, but soon it will be late enough for me to go to sleep, and that should be good.

Today I went with Gabi to the Kindergarten where she works. I met all these little german kids, and man can they talk. This one little kid, Leon, just talks and talks and talks to me :) I try to understand him the best I can, but today I had so many times when I just couldn't understand him. hehe. I'll get better though. Even just today I mangaged to review some much needed words.

God is so amazing I'm awed by his amazing creativitz in nature. I've hardly seen any of the scenery and I already know that Switzerland and Germany are sooo beautiful. It's all hills, and little towns, and trees, and vineyards, and wow, it's just stunning.

One thing that I realized just a second ago when I was playing the piano is that music is universal. It doesn't matter what country you're in, or what language is spoken, music still moves people. And that excites me.

Blogging from Germany,

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hillschurch said...

You will have such a good time. I wish I was there with you. It really is beautiful - breathtaking really. Take lots of pictures and post some.
Try to get a card reader for your camera (with it you can take the memory card from your camera and plug it into a usb port on any computer) - ask Henry - he might know where to get one. They are only a few dollars (10-15?) and you can use it here too.

love you