Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm in love with the idea..

Ever been in Love with the idea more than the real thing?? For example, you'd love to become a famous pianist but in reality it would take painstaking hours of practice and preparation and you just simply are not ready for that.

Well, I found myself doing this over these past few days; being in Love with the idea. It comes back to my last post about imagination. You form an entire situation in your head, and before long it seems like its real. And then you snap back into reality and realize that nothing you just thought about actually happened.

Sometimes reality seems to be my enemy. Sometimes I wish I could actually have the super power to make my imaginations reality. Either that or have the power to fly, but that's getting off topic.

Anyways, this is just a warning to all of you out there in the world. Don't fall in Love with the idea, unless you're sure it'll become reality soon enough...

That's my thought for the day.



your secret admirer said...

haha yeah i've heard that before: "don't fall in love with the idea of love" but i'm pretty sure every girl almost has. we're created to love... at least that's what i think.

but reality vs. the imagination.. well not even imagination... but the presupposed... it's an interesting thing. to live in the "ideal" instead of the "real". hmm.

but anyhow... i'm commenting on here especially to talk to you about getting together!

so i'mt hinking tuesday, wednesday, friday or next saturday would probably work best! and you said earlier in the week so i'm thinking either tuesday or wednesday! let me know if either of those days work. could we do the same thing as we did in the summer? your mom pick me up from my dad's work? cause i think that would be the easiest for my parents... and then my dad pick me up after work after i see you! well let me know! okay. love you tons.

hope your march break is amazing!

your secret admirer said...

(oh and thanks for changing my link to the new blog!)

(kirstyn) said...

Tuesday would work best.. I'm working wednesday, and friday... Maybe saturday might work.. but yea it would be better if we could do the pick you up at work thing..

faded memories said...

reality is of the biggest questions.
i wish always to live in my imagination, for there i really live.
ya know?
it's just realitys a haze.
but that's not good
i gotta snap out of that one.
but thats a good thought kirstyn,
everyone escapes to there ideal,
but one has to be careful how far they escape.

peercounselling was a good time today, running in the rain, is wonderful.

(kirstyn) said...

yes peer counseling was fun... :) hehe.

And yea the point is how far you let your mind take you.. Too far can be dangerous ;)