Friday, January 14, 2011

Everlasting search for a bible study

The idea of being part of a bible study group (sometimes called a cell group, sometimes called a discipleship group (DG) has always been an attractive idea to me. I really do like the idea of meeting once a week with a group of young women that I trust and get along with to study the word of God, to encourage one another in our faith, and to share different aspects of our week.

Over the years I've joined different bible study groups, and for several different reasons they've never ended up sticking or working out.

  • One time the cell group ended up moving downtown - too far away to get a ride
  • Another time the bible study group leader moved out of town and couldn't continue it
  • A third time it was an incredibly long commute to get to the meeting (where I ended up spending more time in transit then I did with the girls that I just ended up not going back.)
For some a bible study is a weekly staple. It's a number one priority. They make room for it. They juggle their schedule around, travel far, and will do anything to join one and be part of one.
I've never really been on the same page as those people. Although I feel that it would be beneficial for me to be a part of one, the idea of traveling far, juggling my time, and doing whatever I can to join one ends up being more of a stress more than a blessing.

And isn't that what the meeting is supposed to be? A blessing. Not only to me, but also allowing me to encourage and be a blessing to others in the group as we grow in our faith together?

I'm not against the idea at all. In fact, I'd still like to find one. However, I have 3 criteria:
  • Proximity: It's gotta be close to where I'm living. I'm not traveling an hour there and an hour back to meet for 45 min to an hour. 
  • Convenience: It's gotta be at the right time. Ideally it would fit into my schedule. So, after class sometime would be great. Coming to school on my day off - not so great. 
  • Trust: I'd really like to find a bible study that is led by someone I know well, I trust, and I look up to. Someone who's got similar goals than I do, that can encourage me in the plan that God has for me.
Those are the things I'm looking for. If I can find that, you can probably be sure that I'd sign up.
This may be a bit candid. But I just thought I'd share my point of view. So that you all know: I don't keep saying no because I don't want to. I keep saying no because the only options I've seen so far don't really seem like options to me.

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