Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anyone out there?

I was wondering if, in order to have a blog, you need to have some sort of theme that you follow when writing posts?

For example, my brother has a photo blog. He takes wonderful pictures and posts them. And only when he feels like it does he add his two cent's worth with some written words. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

I just recently watched 'Julie and Julia' in Theatres. The girl in that movie started a blog about cooking. In fact she cooked her way through a cookbook for a year, and wrote a blog about it.

And me. Well, I really don't have anything specific that I want or need to write about.
But, I figure, since there are a substantial amount of people doing the exact same thing as me, that's it's probably all right to keep going the way that I am.



Ben said...

it doesn't have to have a theme, mine's just a release of what's inside

Luke Anthony Sawczak said...

I think it makes blogs more marketable to just have a theme; people think of the specific whatever-you-write-about, and your blog comes to mind. I don't think any of the blogs I read (or write...) have a reliable, always-use theme, but I usually read them when I think about the people (or the site sends me insistent emails).

How did you like Julie and Julia? I was thinking of seeing it with my cook of a brother Aaron.

By the by, it's "two cents' worth", in case that wasn't a typo.

I'll check out your brother's blog next time I think of nonprofessional photography and it's not 11:00 at night.

Paul Sham said...

Having a topic is really up to you and what your goals for your blog are. As Luke pointed out, a theme does make it more marketable. But, if you're planning it on just keeping it a personal space to write, you can write whatever you want. From my experience, you will gravitate towards certain topics anyways, like my blog is pretty much solely about food now.

I'm a little embarrassed but Julie and Julia does combine two of my favourite things: food and blogging. If it didn't seem like such a chick flick, I'd probably go see it.