Thursday, December 18, 2008

I honestly wonder sometimes what it would be like to be a procrastinator. I wonder what it feels like to not care about your grades, or to not put effort into a project. I wonder what it's like to not be on task, and what it would be like to never freak out about getting below and 80% on a test.

I guess I wonder because all of those things are TOTALLY opposite from me. It just is simply the way I am.

This week has been an extremely busy one. I finished my math test on Wednesday, wrote my Bio test this afternoon, and tomorrow I technically have one more day of school before the Christmas break. Everyone in their right mind is wishing their butt's off for a snow day tomorrow. Nobody wants to go to school.

And to be honest with you. I don't plan on going at all. Regardless of the arrival of a snow day or not. I just can't picture myself spending 2 hours on a yellow school bus trudging through the 10-15 cm of freshly fallen snow we're supposed to get tomorrow.

I have to actually tell myself that it is ok to miss a day of school.
Kirstyn, it is ok to miss a day of school.

So here is the official "List of Things to do during Christmas Break"
  • Apply for University.
  • Apply for the French 'Explore' program for this upcoming summer.
  • Finish any leftover homework.
  • Study for exams?? Not sure if that will EVER happen (even in the midst of my 'on-task' personality)
And finally, and definitely the most significant of them all:


Yea, pretty much. I am officially and professionally recording a CD on Monday and Tuesday of this upcoming week.



Kamela said...

Duuudde spend all your time on your CD! nows the time for it since your not in school.

Do all the stuff you can't do during school.. thats what I hope for, for myself.

And just give you a glimpse into what its like being a procrastinator, I think the main thing is that we like to do what we want and not school. I think that's the essence of it... You just wanna do what you feel like, and you never feel like doing school. So that's it...

Sam Smith said...

You don't want to know what it's like to be a procrastinator. Just... No. You don't.