Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Year of Change

And I remember the list I wrote in the month of January
Of dreams that I was trusting you with.
Tears were spent, prayers were said, my heart poured out.

And I didn't know if you'd answer them.
And I didn't know how you'd answer them if you did.
And I didn't know when.

And you promised me back in the month of March
That this would be a year of change.

It's been more than I could have ever expected.
Every one of those dreams has been addressed in on way or another

And when January rolls around again.
I will sit down again.
And new tears will fall, new prayers will be said, new desires will be poured out.
As I write down a new list.
And I'll post it up on my wall.
And then we'll go through another year with me trusting you.
And you being faithful.

It's an adventure that I love being on with you.

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