Friday, October 10, 2008

Quebec City

I realized a lot of things this week.
I realized that I love French, that's it's beautiful, and that it's incredibly difficult.
If people give me a chance and don't switch to English right away, then I can communicate what I want to say.

I realized that I have a good head on my shoulders.
I found out that I can control my emotions, but that to do so is also incredibly difficult.
Sometimes I wish that I had a hand to hold. I wish that I had someone with whom I could walk down the boardwalk by the St. Lawrence River.
But then I remind myself, "Not yet."
I take a deep breath.
Say a little prayer of trust.
Knowing that what He wants is better than what I want.
And then I join my friends again.
And we laugh.
And I know He's placed me in this place right now for a reason.
It just takes a second to remember that sometimes.


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