Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't miss out on the Anime conference.

So, for the first time in my life I understood that being homeless does not define you.
I think I knew that before, but this is the first time that I actually processed the thought in my mind.
I spent six and a half hours talking and hanging out with people that were 'homeless'.
And I forgot.
I forgot about where I came from.
I forgot about my assumptions about where they came from.
We were just people.
My heart broke a little.
I got healed a little.
I threw those culture-fed stereotypes out the window.

It was the best community experience I've had in a long time.
Because if anybody has community, it's Sanctuary.

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Ben said...

on my service trip we didn't get to talk or meet with any one, it makes me sad when other people talk about who they meet, because i never got to experience that, never got to have that little bit broken, or that little bit healed