Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Lion

I can't get the image of Aslan out of my head.

I saw the trailer for Prince Caspian yesterday, the second of two Narnia movies that have been made so far.
In the trailer Aslan lets out this triumphant roar.
Whenever I think of Aslan I think of Jesus. And as crazy as it sounds, when I saw that lion up on the theater screen something within me wanted to shout out, "JESUS"
There is something in my spirit that automatically calls out. There's a dependency that needs Jesus.
Aslan represents everything that Jesus is. Strength. Protection. Love. Sacrifice. Gentleness. Righteousness. Peace.

I see Jesus as this beautiful majestic lion. This lion that is fierce and strong and protective. And at the same time, this Lion that is playful and quiet and loving.

That Lion Jesus gives me this overwhelming sense of peace. This knowing deep down in my spirit that understands nothing will ever harm me. I'm protected. No army, and no enemy (physical, emotional, spiritual) is going to take me from this refuge I find in Aslan; In Jesus

This is The Lion I love.

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